Founded in 2013, eCommerce Southwest strives to help you learn how to maximise the potential of your business from some of the brightest minds in the industry!

With endless digital possibilities, where do you begin?

Digital technology enables us to do so much, and the pace of change is unlike any other area of business. It's all too easy to get swept along with the tide. Online developments can become detached from a company's strategic goals; planning can be dominated by opinion or the latest 'best practice' article; and sometimes emotional responses dominate: 'we need to be doing this!'

Clear-headed and evidence-based decision making is critical.

Emerging markets are important and often get the most attention. But there are always improvements to be made in established areas. Often these offer a more reliable return. Scoring methods that balance risk and reward will help you ensure you're making the best possible decisions and investing your resources in the most productive way possible.

Involve all stakeholders to get a rounded view of the changes you plan to include in your digital roadmap. In its simplest form, score initiatives by low or high effort and low or high reward. Effort can include time or money. Reward can include customer or strategic value, revenue potential or reducing costs.

And always remember that sustainable change doesn't happen on timing plans and spreadsheets - it happens in the minds and behaviour of your team. Engagement and commitment are everything.

New markets and opportunities are appearing almost daily, but one simple truth remains: without customers you have no business. There are real people behind the sales figures and the website analytics. Keep these people at the centre of your decision making and the rest should follow.

James Shakespeare

Founder of eCommerce South West

“Would I go again? In short, definitely. It was set up professionally, and was well organised with good speakers, speaking on a good range of topics”

Ben Roberts - Marketing Strategist

Heinnie Haynes